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Tinos Photo Albums
Tinos: Hidden Treasures

Small villages, hidden gems, surprises at every turn ... these are just a few of the many visual delights of Tinos ... waiting to be discovered.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

Tinos Sklavochori

Tinos Aetofolia Village

Tinos: Aetofolia a small road

Tinos Aetofolia the Village

Tinos Kaki Skala Church

Tinos Kaki Skala...impressive rocks

Tinos Kaki Skala...the green part

Tinos Kaki Skala

Tinos: Kolimbithra at sunset

Tinos Kalloni church

Tinos Kalloni old houses

Tinos Kolimbithra sea

Tinos Kalloni village

Tinos Kalloni village

Tinos Kambos Church

Tinos Kambos Village

Tinos Kambos Village

Tinos Kato Klisma Village

Tinos Kato Klisma traditional church

Tinos Kechros Traditional Church

Tinos: Xinara, the old Castle

Tinos Mesi Village

Tinos Myrsini Church

Tinos Myrsini

Tinos Monastiria Church

Tinos Perastra Church

Tinos Perastra

Tinos Potamia a small path

Tinos Potamia Village

Potamia, stressed on the last syllable, meaning river bed. The word stressed on the syllable before last means 'rivers'!

Tinos Koumaros Interior of a traditional church

Tinos Old Windmill in Kambos Village

Tinos: Belfries popping up from the soil like anemones. The belfrie of humble Zoodochos Pighi Chapel near Berdemiaros Village.

One could hardly imagine, judging from the outside of the chapel, of the fantastic fresco decoration of the interior!
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