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Excursions from Tinos to the Island and Other DestinationsExcursions from Other Destinations to Tinos
Tinos Caique Sail and Beach BBQ

A full day of sun, sea, and sailing, with a freshly prepared BBQ on a sandy beach!

Tinos Aghios Sostis Beach

This is a wonderful outing for those who are particularly interested in sailing to an otherwise difficult to reach beach. With a traditional Greek caique, we'll spend the day swimming and relaxing, with the opportunity to participate in some group activities, such as beach volley, treasure hunt, paddle tennis, etc. This is a great way to meet other people in a relaxed, convivial setting. We’ll set sail from the port of Tinos and follow the coast to a remote beach (weather permitting, either east along the south coast to Pachia Ammos, or west along the south coast to the area of Ai. Romanos). Beach games will be set up and organized, while our staff begins to prepare a fresh BBQ of meat, baked potatoes, tzatziki, fresh salads, and watermelon. There’ll be plenty of complimentary ouzo and wine along, plus soft drinks for the kids (to be paid for). For those preferring some quiet time alone, there will be plenty of room set aside for simply relaxing and enjoying the sun and the outstanding swimming.


Groups Only, with minimum participation of 15 persons.

From: Tinos Town


Tinos (Island)

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Tinos Kolimbithra Beach
Tinos Kardiani

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