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Excursions from Tinos to the Island and Other Destinations Excursions from Other Destinations to Tinos
Classical Greece: Half-Day Delos

Delos, the Sacred Island of Antiquity. The Birthplace of Apollo

Delos Island At Spring Time (A Picture Taken By Henry Wu)

Delos, the Sacred Island of Antiquity. The Birthplace of Apollo. The entire island, all 5 square kilometers, is an archaeological monument. Remains of temples, holy places, houses, and settlements dating back from the Neolithic to the Roman periods. There is no place in the world where one will not find photographs of the Lion Terrace, with its unique marble Lions. The indoor Archaeological Museum is one of the best in the country. In fact, the site is so full and rich with antiquities that multiple visits are quite common. Only a short boat ride away, and history awaits you. A must for all visitors to Mykonos, Tinos, and Paros.


Daily Guided Tour (except Mondays) departing from Mykonos Old Port. All tours guided in the language of your choice (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish), and the tours are usually monolingual. Other languages on request.

At the end of the guided portion of the tour, you have free time to continue your explorations until the last boat departs for Mykonos at 15:00.

From: Mykonos Island, Paros Island, Tinos Island

Photo Gallery

Delos Terrace of the Lions
Delos Archaeological Museum: Head of Kouros
Delos Archaeological Museum: Mosaic floor from a house on the hill

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