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14 Days / 13 Nights: Athens (1 night) - Tinos (3 nights) - Mykonos (4 nights) - Santorini (4 nights) - Athens (1 night)

Tinos: Xinara
This outstanding package combines a taste of Athens with three very different Cycladic destinations, including Tinos, the island that we call “the best kept secret of the Cyclades.” From the unspoiled countryside of Tinos, with its artistic traditions, mountain villages, and beautiful dovecotes, you’ll stop next at Mykonos, the cosmopolitan island destination with outstanding nightlife, and with the opportunity to visit the Sacred Island of Delos. Santorini is next, and here you’ll have the breathtaking Caldera and the legendary sunset at Oia. We think that this package certainly defines the diversity of the Cyclades!

Giorno 1

Atene Città

Atene, Statua di Attalos

Arrival at Athens airport. Meet our Athens Branch representative and transfer to your Athens accommodation. Day at leisure. We suggest you stroll through the streets of the Plaka area, or bargain your way through the Monasteraki flea market at the foot of the Acropolis hill. Overnight at your chosen Athens hotel. Athens is a wonderous city, and you can find yourself in the middle of a traffic jam at 3 o’clock in the morning!

Giorno 2

Tinos (Isola)

Tinos Marble Workshop

After breakfast, transfer to the port (Piraeus or Rafina) for your departure to Tinos. Arrival and transfer to your Tinos accommodation. We suggest that you explore the streets of Tinos Town and visit its museums and the famous Church of the Panagia, the most important pilgrimage for the Greek Orthodox followers. The famous Icon of Our Lady dominates its interior. It is covered with precious jewels, just a few of the many offerings of emperors, kings, and the faithful. The church was built in 1828, during the Hellenic Independence Revolt against Turkish Rule, on the spot where the miraculous icon was found. Try to discover the numerous pieces of marble carried over from the ruins of Delos, and used to build the walls during the five-year period of its construction. Overnight.

Giorni 3 - 4

Tinos (Isola)

Tinos Peristeronas - Tinos Dovecote

Days at leisure. We suggest that you tour one of the most beautiful of the Cycladic Islands. The expansive Tinos island scenery is, simultaneously, dramatic and serene. Rolling hills of green and brown, laced with an intricate series of endless rock walls, a landscape dotted with clusters of white villages, churches and exquisitely built dovecotes, all accessed by excellent paved roads. Marvelous fountains ornamented with marble sculptures, beautiful beaches, and its authentic old-world charm have made Tinos the island of choice for those searching for the "real" Greece. After your tour, you will understand why Tinos is called "the bride of the Cyclades." Overnight.

Giorno 5

Mykonos (Isola)

I mulini a vento di Myconos durante il tramondo

After breakfast, transfer to the port for your departure to Mykonos. Arrival at Mykonos island and transfer to your accommodation. Rest of the day is free at leisure to explore and find your way through the maze of Mykonos Town. The tinier the cobbled street, the more surprising the views. Overnight.

Giorni 6 - 8

Mykonos (Isola)

Myconos, la spiaggia di Super Paradiso hora di lavoro!

Days at leisure. Some suggestions include a guided tour of the sacred island of Delos; a boat ride to nearby or distant beaches; scuba diving; beach BBQ; and, of course, enjoying the Mykonian nightlife. Overnight.

Giorno 9

Santorini (Isola)

Santorini, colori del isola

After breakfast, transfer to the (air)port for your departure to Santorini. Arrival at Santorini and transfer to your accommodation. Rest of the day free at leisure for you to come to terms with the shock and awe that you'll experience when you first view the caldera and its breathtaking precipices. Overnight.

Giorni 10 - 12

Santorini (Isola)

Santorini, Akrotiri, fresco con pescatore

Days at leisure. Enjoy a swim at the colorful beaches created by the eruption of the volcano during ancient times. Don't miss visiting the traditional village of Oia to enjoy the magnificent sunset that has christened Santorini as the most romantic island of the world. You may also visit the site of Akrotiri, an ancient city covered by volcanic ash during ancient times, with its famous frescoes. Overnight.

Giorno 13

Santorini (Isola), Atene Città

Santorini, Oia al tramonto

After breakfast, transfer to the (air)port for your departure to Athens. Arrival in Athens and transfer to your Hotel. Rest of the day free at leisure. Last chance too for you to catch up with the thousands of things you have left undone and unseen; make a vow to return again to explore the mysteries of this City of Cities. Overnight.

Giorno 14

Atene Città

Aeroporto Internazionale D'Atene

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your return flight home, full of memories that will last a lifetime.

For prices please contact our Agency using our Request Form
All prices will be given in Euros (€), per person in double occupancy and will include:

- 2 Nights in Athens
- 3 Nights on Tinos
- 4 Nights on Mykonos
- 4 Nights on Santorini
- Daily Breakfast
- Transportation with Ferries between all destinations*
- All transfers as per itinerary
- Hotel taxes, service charges

Supplement for single occupancy: +50%
Discount for third person: -30%

*Supplement for airtickets (Santorini - Athens) per person: € 155

If you don't find a package that is exactly what you need and have in mind (both in terms of length and of destinations included), then choose the one(s) that are closest to your wishes and contact us by email. The package that you will have chosen will form the basis of our email correspondence. Any change and alteration is possible, and our aim is always to best fit your needs!

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