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Wedding Ceremony Deluxe Package
Wedding Ceremony Deluxe
Package includes:

  • Marriage Documentation

  • Wedding Coordinator and official to perform the ceremony

  • Securing the date and the venue for the ceremony

  • 2 Witnesses - optional

  • Transfers by private car to and from the ceremony

  • Car decorated

  • Photographer with digital photos on a CD

  • Videographer with about 1 hour of video

  • Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere

  • Basket of flower petals & rice for throwing

  • Traditional sweets for after the ceremony

  • Bottle of Champagne

  • Private Romantic Dinner for 2 with wedding cake for 2

  • Either one night in the honeymoon suite or cruise along the harbor


  • Extra flower decoration

  • Hairdressing

  • Facial & Makeup

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Fireworks

  • Making of the wedding bed with hand knit keepsake

  • Bottle of wine and company for the bride while she is getting ready

  • Someone on standby to track down the groom if necessary.
    • Cenni: Marriage Documentation

      License fee, processing, publication, officiate, witnesses and certificate. Officiates perform Christian, Orthodox or non-denominational ceremony, depending on your wishes and where you are in Greece.

      Wedding Planner

      Consultation, coordination and assistance with marriage certificate processing for the Bride and Groom and everything necessary for the preparation, ceremony and reception or dinner.

      Wedding Requirements

      A marriage certificate is a legal document issued by the Mayor of the City where you are married and is recognized in other countries. In order to obtain your marriage certificate, there is a list of requirements that couples must complete in order to be legally married in Greece. Your marriage certificate will be in Greek and you will need to have it translated in order to use it in your country. The Greek Embassy of your country will do this for a fee. For your marriage, no blood test is necessary. To complete the process, couples must submit paperwork in advance. Each destination may have slightly different requirements, of which you will be advised in our initial correspondence.

      Here are the standard requirements that pertain to all legal marriages in Greece.

      • 1. A clean and legible copy of the Bride and Groom’s birth certificates.

      • 2. If either party has been divorced, the original Final Decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced, along with a translated certified or notarized copy in Greek.

      • 3. If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be produced.

      • 4. A certificate from the Greek consular office nearest your home which states that there are no problems for the ceremony to take place in Greece, i.e. you are free to be married. “Single Status” letter from the Embassy. Or, see below regarding Marriage License.

      • 5. If you already have a license for the marriage from your community, then you must have it translated into Greek. The Greek Embassy in your area can do this for you by mail for a fee.

      • 6. If you wish to have a religious ceremony, either the Bride or Groom must be of the denomination of the church performing the ceremony. One of you must be Catholic to have a Catholic ceremony, and you must have a signed affirmation that you have completed your sacraments from your local church. For a Greek Orthodox ceremony, one of you must be Greek Orthodox. Civil ceremonies can take place in any mayor’s office in Greece. In some areas, the Mayor’s office is the only place a civil ceremony can take place, and in other areas it is possible to have a civil ceremony anywhere you wish. It depends on the destination you choose for your wedding.

      • 7. A copy of your passports that must be valid.

      Deposit & Payment

      • A non-refundable deposit of 500 Euro will be required in order to reserve the wedding date and begin the planning process. The deposit will be applied to the wedding ceremony fee and is in addition to deposits required for booking a venue for a reception and accommodation or honeymoon packages.

      • Payment for wedding package must be made in full at time of confirmation. For a total wedding cost estimate, including flowers, cake, entertainment, transfer services, upgrades, etc., speak with one of our representatives.

      • Brides and Grooms receive special offers when traveling with a wedding party or when booking their honeymoon with us as well!



Lista di Prezzi

Wedding Ceremony Deluxe Package Prices for 2009
From: 01/01/2009
To: 31/12/2009
Prezzo € 3990.00
Cenni The prices are valid only if all services (such as accommodation, transfers and local tickets) are handled by Windmills Travel.

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