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Excursions from Tinos to the Island and Other DestinationsExcursions from Other Destinations to Tinos
Tinos Sunset Sail

A romantic evening sail, swim, and sunset!

Tinos sunset

This is a tour offering something just a little different. A late afternoon sail westward along the southern coast of the island will bring us to the area of Ai. Romanos. On board, there will be plenty of refreshments (wine and ouzo, plus some light snacks), and the caique will pull close to the shore so that you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing evening swim (some say that's the best time for swimming!). We'll stay at the beach until the sun sets over the Aegean. The return trip will take place under the stars and beside the twinkling lights of Tinos Island.


Group Only with minimum of 15 persons.

From: Tinos Town


Ag. Romanos

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