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Agios Fokas Spiaggia: Sistemazione
Ai. Fokas Country Houses Ville

Ag.Fokas Tinos Country Houses Entrance
Situated opposite the beach of Ai. Fokas, these two side-by-side country houses offer a variety of possibilities. Each can be booked singly, but are excellent when used for a family or group of friends who need four bedrooms and two bathrooms in total. Each small house has a sitting/dining/kitchenette with television; two small bedrooms, one with plenty of storage space; and a small bath with shower, toilet and sink. Each house's master bedroom has air conditioning, and the area usually has a lovely breeze coming down from the mountains behind.

Facing the countryside and the sea, each house has a small covered veranda and outdoor terrace overlooking a garden, with built-in seating for outdoor dining. The area is quiet, the view beautiful, and the beach just a few minutes walk from the property. The houses are situated on a large tract of land away from the main road; an ideal spot for children to play safely.

The houses are located within walking distance of the town, with the supermarket about 15 minutes away, yet the area has a wonderful rural feel to it and plenty of privacy. There’s private onsite parking beside the houses.


The houses are situated opposite the beach of Ai. Fokas, about 1 kilometer from Tinos Town.


Ag.Fokas Tinos Country Houses Interior
Ag.Fokas Tinos Country Houses Room
Ag.Fokas Tinos Country Houses Room
Ag.Fokas Country Houses Room View

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