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Escursioni da Tinos al isola e ad altre destinazioni Escurioni da un' altra destinazione a Tinos
A Journey Back in Time with a Tinos Safari Tour from Mykonos

This tour is designed to discover and explore the countryside of one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean, while having fun driving open-top jeeps and cars.

Tinos Breathtaking View
The tour is guided in English and covers a great deal of the island, making significant stops throughout the day.

After a breathtaking drive up the side of the mountains and on narrow, twisting roads, we will reach our first stop, the village of Dio Choria, noted for its fortified style of architecture and three natural springs. Next will be a visit to the famous Monastery of Kechrovounie, with its elegant bell tower, 10th Century Icons, and fortified layout and architecture.

The tour will then stop at the ancient Venetian fortifications of Exobourgo, where you can take the twenty-minute climb to the top. This is a photographic dream for wide-angle lenses, and on a clear day, you can see as far as Santorini.

Our drive continues on to the village of Loutra, where we will have an opportunity to visit the Jesuit Folklore Museum, housing a collection of wonderful artefacts depicting life and work on Tinos for the past few centuries. In the same small village, we will visit the Ursuline Convent, which has been fully restored and depicts life at the private school since its inception in 1862.

Following a stop at the old village of Volax, with its marvelous architecture and the old basket weavers, we continue on through some of the most beautiful countryside, dotted with endless rock walls and beautiful white dovecotes. Passing through the main growing region of Tinos, the tour will continue to the beach of Kolimbithra where we will stop for lunch and swimming. About two and one-half hours later, we will continue toward Pirgos, the largest village on the island. The route will include driving through wide, undeveloped expanses of countryside.

In Pirgos, we will visit numerous marble workshops, see some beautiful marble carvings at the village cemetery, and stroll through the town to see its architecture and marble pavements. There will be enough time to take a coffee in the main square.

Returning toward Tinos Town, there will be a stop at the village of Kardiani to admire this village built amphitheatrically on the hillside, with its central square and “frog” fountain, surrounded by trees and vegetation kept green year-round. Finally, there will be a stop at the Valley of the Dovecotes, with ample opportunity for photos.

Cenni: Each car requires a licensed driver. Modest clothing required for the Monastery visit; long trousers for men; skirts or slacks for women.

Da: Mykonos Town (Chora)


Dio Horia Villaggio, Exombourgo Montagna, Kolimbithra Spiaggia, Loutra Villaggio, Pirgos Villaggio, Volax Village


Dyo Choria Tinos
Tinos Loutra
Tinos Pyrgos

Agapi Villaggio Agios Fokas Spiaggia Agios Petros Spiaggia Agios Romanos Spiaggia Agios Sostis Spiaggia Dio Choria Village Exombourgo Montagna
Falatados Villaggio Isternia Baia Isternia Villaggio Kardiani Villaggio Kionia Spiaggia Kolimbithra Spiaggia Komi Villaggio
Ktikados Villaggio Lichnaftia Spiaggia Livada Spiaggia Loutra Villaggio Panormos Villaggio Pirgos Villaggio Porto Beach Spiaggia
Skilandari Spiaggia Tarambados Tinos Città Triandaros Volax Village Xinara Village Yiannaki Baia
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